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The measuring process is easier than you may think. All you need is your measure sheet ready, tape measure, and for your team members to wear thin shorts and tops for accurate measurements.

The most common mistake is usually at the waist. When you watch our video below, notice that you need to measure at the TRUE waist (where the navel is) and not where most girls wear their jeans, which tends to rest on the hip.

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How to Measure

Step 1: 


Download our measure sheet Here


Important notes before documenting your measurements:

  • Download your sheet and prepare to insert measurements digitally to email to us as an email attachment later. This is the fastest way for us to process your order.
  • Alternatively, save and print out your sheets and neatly handwrite your measurements. Next, send an image of your completed sheet to our email.
  • Please do not forget to fill out the "Items Needed" column for each individual team member in either case.
  •  Please note: we need all measurements to be documented in decimal whole numbers or decimal half numbers.

Correct: 44 or 44.5

Incorrect: 44.75 or 44.87529984651324   :)


Step 2:

Please watch our YouTube video

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